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In honor of Women’s Day, here are two all female crews that were planned, but never made it to reality.

Voskhod 5 (1966): intended to be a 10 day mission with a spacewalk. Included the other four women selected in the first female group: Valentina Ponomareva and Irina Solovyova as the prime crew, with Tatyana Kuznetsova and Zhanna Yorkina as their backups. Cancelled after the death of Chief Designer Sergei Korolyov in 1966.

Visiting Mission to Salyut 7 (1986): was to have a crew of Svetlana Savitskaya (she made the first female spacewalk in 1984), Yekaterina Ivanova and Yelena Dobrokvashina. Cancelled after Salyut 7 started to have problems.

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Chronicling the adventures of Soviet and Russian cosmonauts

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