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“First reusable manned spaceship. Landing apparatus RKK Almaz on landing location after 3rd orbital flight under indexes Kosmos-881, 997, 1443 (without crew)”

The TKS was a Soviet space freighter with downflight capability for the Salyut and Almaz space stations. It had the ability to be manned, although never was launched or recovered with Cosmonauts. The service module in particular formed the basis for every Soviet/Russian space station module post-Salyut series. Essentially, every component of their space stations excluding the Core Module. Additionally, surplus hardware is being considered by Isle of Man startup company Excalibur Almaz for commercial applications.

Courtesy of David L. Rickman on the NASA Spaceflight forums.

Chronicling the adventures of Soviet and Russian cosmonauts

(and unmanned programs too!)